PerPETual Global - PET renew technology

PerPETual Global is the only Company in the world which manufactures high-quality esters from post-consumer PET bottles thanks to its proprietary and fully patented ReNEW technology. The Company offers to the thermoplastics and thermosets industries a sustainable complimentary and / or substitute feedstock to PTA & MEG, the traditional petrochemical feedstock used to manufacture PET. Indeed, PerPETual’s proprietary ReNEW technology solution converts all types of post-consumer PET bottles back into high quality esters : the raw material conventionally produced from PTA and MEG which is used to manufacture PET.

The ReNEW concept was invented in 1993 by a successful Australian serial inventor. In 1996 it received a letter of no objection from the FDA, qualifying the esters produced by ReNEW to be used in food and beverage packaging. It first operated in 2001 in batch mode to produce esters which were used to manufacture bottle grade PET resin, before being acquired by Aloe.

PerPETual’s business and strategy is focussed on providing a unique value creating solution to the problem of high and rising oil, and therefore PTA and MEG, prices associated with the PET industry. Furthermore, the Company addresses the longer-term issue of dwindling crude supplies as well as the more urgent problem of environmental depletion. And it does so in a very competitive manner through the deployment of modular ReNEW units with strong economics.