Greenko Group plc - Clean Energy AIM listed since November 2007

Greenko Group builds, owns and operates facilities in green energy production in India. With the help of Aloe, Greenko acquired several biomass power plants in trouble across the country. Shortly after the company was able to expand its activities in the hydroelectric segment, building its own power plants. In November 2007, Greenko was floated on the AIM market in London and she raised 45 million pounds from new investors to consolidate its operations and increase its power generation capacity. In 2009 Greenko received an investment of 46 million pounds followed by a second investment of 72 million pounds from private investors in early 2010. These levees successive funds have assured Greenko afford to become a leading producer of independent power in India. In July 2010, Greenko has an installed capacity of 183 MW and total capacity of facilities projects and installed capacity totaling 667MW be divided into hydraulic units, biomass and others.Greenko activity has a direct impact on the market for local employment and helps to reduce rural exodus which is one of the greatest challenges of modern India. Beyond the construction and operation of facilities, collection and transport of agricultural waste also generates significant direct and indirect jobs. The activities developed by Greenko not only give economic value to agricultural and forestry waste, but provides a stable energy to the local industry, farmers and households. Greenko employs 600 people directly and reduces CO2 emissions by 1,448,909 tons annually.