Environcom - WEEE Recycling

Environcom is an innovative recycling company bringing a high tech vision to the recycling industry. It is the UK’s largest independent electrical re-use and recycling specialist who recycles, recovers and reuses Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) such as fridges, freezers, large domestic appliances (washing machines, cookers), small domestic appliances (vacuum cleaners, irons), cathode ray tube TVs (CRTs), flat screens, and IT equipment. The company processes more than 15,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic wastes every year via its processing centres throughout the UK.

Environcom’s ability to safely and efficiently dispose of fridges, washing machines, televisions, IT and PC equipment has been recognised by UK Environment Agency, who audited and granted Environcom the first of the UK’s new environmental permits for Environcom to operate a UK Compliance Scheme for WEEE Recycling as an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) and Approved Exporter (AE).

Environcom provides a fully integrated WEEE recycling and reuse solution and operates four sites in the UK; Grantham, London, West Midland and North Wales. Environcom is currently evaluating plans for future expansion in Europe.